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January 7th, 2007

05:10 pm
'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com

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December 16th, 2005

03:59 am - Love below-ly the pick?
I'm not at all fluent in japanese

I have these tapes i've been watching... "learning Japanese Basic I" and I sorta skipped ahead or rather fell asleep. I woke up to a woman in bed clearly making a point of it being 5 past the hour of nine... showed the clock, repeated it was 5 past the hour of nine. Then she pulls out a huge pick... so we have here a woman in her pajamas sitting on her futon so exited proudly displaying her 3 foot pick saying the following....

あい した に ます。"ai shita ni masu"
あい した み ます。"ai shita mi masu"
やほ。。。やほおおおおおおおお! Ya-Ho... .YA-HOOOOOOOOO!

It's probally ni... a partical that denotes an adverb much like -ly does in english from my limited understanding

AI is love... or together... or even indigo... but love I think fits in this case.
shita is below... like ue is above.
masu... i'm not 100% clear on... it's definatly a verb form like imasu or arimausu but indiates things you plan to do, or things you do on a regular basis...not 100% clear on this point... i'm going to assume "plan to do".

Assuming noun... directobject.... verb
Love below-ly plan to do.

She plans to love below the pick? She plans to join below the pick? It's not the mussle relaxents i'm on... I definatlly saw this... 5 times... I did my best to transcribe as best I could... considering they were speaking at normal natural speed there could be an arror, like mi for ni... but near as I can grasp and i'd appricate it if someone would correct me... this is I plan to love below the pick and go ya-hooooooooo! ya-hoooo ya-hoooooooo!

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August 19th, 2005

06:20 pm
Righto... didn't solve my odd ball crashing problem, but at least the last couple of times it bluescreened... whatever that error was involving bad drivers. Entirely possible, I have the SB live, the ati 9600 series, the Promise UDMA-100, the adaptec scsi board, and a v-stream digitizer.

I also had a few oddball crashes here and there. So either the cards I added before I put the cover back on are the cause, or i'm still suffering from a mild overheat.

I cut a 90mm hole in my other desktop case and did a rebuild once again using a old 90mm fan. My case is 31.7C according to my thermometer. The motherboard is reading 27C oddly enough. This is the first time the thermometer has been higher than the case, but I moved it to a different spot. cpu is reading 51C assuming the temp sensor is 11c off as I suspect. So about 7 degrees hotter than the room presently. My 120mm fan is going full blast, the rear fans are going full blast. If the system is stable I can only assume it was either cooling or that promise udma board.

I'll have to cut a hole on my other case, this hole is rather sloppy.

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August 14th, 2005

12:55 am - System rebuild
I'm operating on an HP Vectra VE case... pretty much a base beige box case nothing special but one of the few desktop cases I can buy locally... thanks to Re-PC. It has a couple basic flaws, the fact that the ATX hole is far too small, about 5mm too small. But I picked up another one a trammeled a wider hole. I was still off by a couple of mm, but good enough that I could use the audio jacks if need be.

Over the past few months, I’ve been plagued with intermittent problems... basically crashing while under a high load. While adding more fans *helped*, and I definatly know the old Biostar board had far too small a heatsync for the northbridge, the root cause was the fact that I was operating on a lame power supply. Not like I didn't swap out power supplies, but I guess I own many crappy power supplies... or perhaps upgrading to a ati 9600 series and the amd 2800+ chip pushed me too far over the edge. Anyhow picked up that $35ish dollar Mad Dog 350watt power supply from CompUSA. The price was right, the power adequate, and has a spiffy three speed fan that'll speed up if things get too warm.

After testing my theory I was ready to put all my shit in my new case.

My case is currently 35.1 degrees.. running 11 degrees hotter than the room. I pretty much guess that my asus thermometer is running 11 degrees too hot so I guess my cpu is 55C. I could run the fans at max speed but the most it seems to drop down to is 34.5C.

Time will tell if this solution is adquate. I spent 6 months troubleshooting this intermitent problem and ended up with lots of oversized but quiet fans... so the noise level has dropped seriously.

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August 5th, 2005

09:54 pm - Power supply replacement
Well I think I may have isolated my system issues to a lame power supply... or rather three lame power supplies. I started to notice the power supply finally decided to keep in my system after upgrading the fan wasn't really cutting the mustard. I established this after word started crashing left and right at max CPU load and that was the only thing I hadn't changed out in a while. I popped in my Deer power supply that came with my full tower which officially is rated for like 350watts... but was pulled out of service because the fan was starting to bugger up and my Biostar motherboard would beep an unfamiliar beep code when I had it in place but didn't bitch a bit when I swapped it out for another PS. My uptime was greater on the deer for a day, then word refused to work all together consistently.

These are odd bizzaro problems... odd bizzaro intermittent problems that seem resolved with more adequate cooling but still crop up.

So I went to compusa to pickup a powersupply. I noticed they had the Maddog MD-350WPS for sale for $35 and a chance at a $15 rebate. Pretty much seemed to meet my requirements... 300+ watt, quiet operation... either dual fan or 120mm fan in this case dual 92mm and 80mm fans. As a bonus it offers auto switching to high speed if the PS is hot, but alas its indicator light for auto mode is a bright garish blue. It's a 20pin atx, which to be honest I don't know if a 24pin would fit on my old Asus A7V333 board. The other features like gold fan grills, clear fins, all that crap doesn't really interest me at all.

Otherwise, I’d have to wait a few days to order up a rosewill or some such from newegg. The sad thing is I spent so much extra money on the thermaltake ultra large heat sync with 80mm cpu fan. I bought the slot exhaust fan... not to speak of work on the 120mm case fan and ugh... whole bunches of no fun. Mucking around with what seemed like an overheating Northbridge issue... but turns out might have all been a power supply issue. What a pain.

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August 1st, 2005

12:02 am - Righto
Things that screwed up in the past week

1. 120gig HD just out of warranty... bootable partition
2. Two tires
3. corruption due to vacume on linux box
4. One 17 inch monitor

Things that are not mine that screwed up in the past week

1. AMD 400mhz system acting as modem router due to newphew
2. HP laptop due to newphew surfing with IE and downloading all sorts of web apps (I didn't do it, I didn't install anything)
3. Replacement pentium III 766 acting as modem router due to over watering

My average this week isn't good, and my trash is FULL. What's worse is when I opened a window to get rid of the ozone, a skunk decided to spray... so which smells better, ozone filled room or skunk stench.

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July 26th, 2005

08:35 pm - I hate buying tires
You know, I was hoping my tires could hold out till such time as I got extra rims for my car. That would have made me happy, but alas the universe didn't agree with my attitude. Yesturday I had a lovely little blowout on 509, one of those side blowouts that can't be fixed. So I ended up buying two tires before I was ready. This time around I went to the lovely little "Discount Tire Company" rather than Costco. Costco as it turns out is nice in the fact that their price is the price for the tire and putting it on a wheel, and putting it on a car, balance disposal etc etc.

I totally misread the website thinking that mounting and balancing was free... it wasn't. Guess I should have checked the "check store for total price" tab. But anyhow there is a $1.00/per fee for the environment, a $2.10 fee for disposal, and the $10.00 fee for instalation and warranty.

While this is fair, and this is reasonable... it is annoying the fact that there is not a consistent price structure among tire resellers. In fact I have to give discount tire credit the fact that in the store they took the time to list the other guy's price and price of the misc fees they don't always clearly advertise.

My ignorance on the subject is based on the fact that in the past I bought tires either from Costco who don't charge misc fees, or took a paper quote to places and saw if they matched it. This usually results in an argument, "we charge $5.00 for stems" "well they don't can you match their price" or "those are retreads" "no they are not can you match their price".

But what makes me sad is the fact that had I been thinking more clearly... I could have gotten their special... the 4 new tires for $100.00 + tax (all misc fees included) rather than spending $71.85 for just two. D'oh... But that would have required me to have my car with me, which I didn't as I was on a doenut and a shitty tire. One of the reasons I bought the car that I did was the fact that the tires they advertise for $100.00 just so happen to be the same size my car takes... 13 inch rims p155 80r-13 or p175 70r-13 or some such.

So the plan is come January buy two new rims and get 4 new tires and have a spare that isn't a doenut, and a spare spare.

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July 6th, 2005

12:06 am - Good advice
There are some unwritten rules about visiting america. We americans know them, but it's important to write down.

1. 不要吃比你的头更大的东西
2. 不要到任何地方稱"Pops"打桌球
3. 不要到任何餐館稱"Mom's"進食

Thank you for your attention, feel free to visit America.

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July 5th, 2005

11:49 pm - Canon CD printing
I spent many hours behind a deutsch manual only to have solution discovered by some guy using systran. Oh well a victory is a victory even if it isn't mine.

One of my pet projects has been enabling cd-printing on the pixma MP series, specifically the mp750/760/780. Those not familiar Epson isn't the only option for CD printing... the canon iP and mP series do it as well but include no software or tray. The ip series was easy as the manual was easy enough to find. the MP series was not so easy.... even if I fully understood the deutsch it was unclear to enable cd printing you had to perform a CD-R alignmnet by using a piece of paper. I assumed they would want a CD tray with it's alignment marks to actually position the head. Silly me.

Anyhow.. those interested can these sites

http://pixma.cjb.net/ - Brief how too
http://pixma-faq.cjb.net/ lengthy faq and info {from from finished}

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May 28th, 2005

03:37 am - New printer
My Epson R200 decided to leak out a few onces of ink onto my desk and stop working. This is most odd as since I was aware of the issue of it not having easily replaceable diapers I had been routing the waste ink to a starbucks mug. But seems I didn't take that preventable measure soon enough.

Before I took it into the shop, I ordered up a Canon IP3000 from NewEgg for $66.00 shipped and with a $20 rebate. About as much as the factory cartages cost. I also managed to follow a 20 page thread and hacked my old Epson CD tray to fit into the ip3000. Unlike the Epson, the canon head can be removed and either cleaned or replaced without full disassembly, and from my understanding the inkpads or diapers as I like to call them can be as well.

My dremmled tray isn't perfect. I still have to place the alignment reflectors in the right spot. Seems that the diagram I used was incorrect.

I'll have to take the time to document the procedure. Took me 4 hours sorting through a 20 page thread in order to find the trivial bit of info about how to get the printer in diagnostic mode and set to "non-us" so CD printing is enabled, let alone find a site for the official CD printing software. I loved the output on the Epson R200 but unfortunately it's totally a disposable printer. Knowing then what I know now I would have never bought it.

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